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We believe that the key to beauty is naturalness. Our real beauty is revealed when we are true to ourselves – independent of the demands or opinions of others.

On the basis of this conviction, we want to encourage you to say bye-bye to rigid rules and ‘ideal’ stereotypes – no more pigeon-holing! Let’s say goodbye to unrealistic ideals, empty promises and false expectations together.

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Meet Monique

When I was in my twenties, I longed for an authentic, natural skin care brand that was fun and, above all, kept its promises. Because If you ask me, actions speak louder than words!

Those who know me know that I don’t care about perfection. I am a firm believer that naturalness and authenticity is the key to beauty. I myself am not a person of many words and prefer to listen. This is something I have missed in many brands. For the most part, I have had no opportunity to have a say in how my skincare products should be and I should simply be satisfied with what I was offered.

01 Meet Monique
02 Meet Monique

So I dreamed of a brand that would reflect all of this – ultimately myself, with all my wishes, expectations and attitudes: Natural, high-quality products that deliver what they promise from a brand that makes me feel that I am worthy of it.

This is why HelloBody exists. HelloBody listens and responds to the wishes of its community, for example in the development of fragrances, colors, consistencies or even in general product development. HelloBody is colourful and loud, brings fun, delivers high-quality products with carefully selected ingredients and stands for its values – this can be seen, for example, in the various charity projects we have been able to support with HelloBody Cares.

As is often the case, certain things only gradually become clear to you: As we have grown, I realised that I have a great responsibility both as a person and as an entrepreneur with HelloBody. I not only have responsibility for our team, but also for the world in which we operate as a brand. By world I mean everything, i.e. people, nature and of course animals.

Our community, for example, are young women who are in the middle of developing their own personalities. That alone gives you a great deal of responsibility! Because in the cosmetics industry in particular, there are still so many idealised images of beauty which can make young women feel very insecure. This is problematic. I myself am not perfect and have never been a fan of stereotypes, and I definitely did not want to support this type of opinion-forming with HelloBody.

So I reconsidered the company values that existed when I founded HelloBody and decided to expand them: Quality and fun were joined by Body Positivity, i.e. having a positive attitude towards one’s own body, Diversity, i.e. diversity and Female Empowerment, which means supporting women worldwide. Because equality is still in its infancy in too many places across the world.

Also, or rather perhaps because I am an entrepreneur, I have an influence: I can encourage people to rethink things, steer them in the right direction or even change them. HelloBody makes a positive contribution. These are not just empty words, this is a vision, a promise!

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